Nothing-Infinity, submitted by me. Hold on, I'm scratching out the definition for the word pretentious in my dictionary and replacing it with this URL.

Okay, there we go. Thanks for waiting. This site proclaims to be a "dark art web experiment", but is in fact a choose-your-own-adventure romp through the mind of a self-involved wannabe poet who just installed Photoshop for the first time. There are several moody pictures of the guy responsible for the whole mess strewn about (including one with the head of the Heaven's Gate cult leader pasted on his shirtless body to make a very deep artistic statement about God and eating a proper diet), but the highlight of the show is a continuous stream of very annoying snippets such as this:


whatelsecould i be?

no soul, no spirit, no meaning

comprised of nothing

serpent elemental
eat MY flesh
drink MY blood

prepare yourself for nothingness

whatthefuckelsecould i be?

And this:

amapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting iamapaintingiamapainting iamapainting
iamapaintingiamapainting iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting
iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting
iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting iamapaintingiamapaintingiamapaintingiamapainting

Somewhere, some people will defend this tripe and say Something Awful is a childish bully that only exists to attack what it doesn't understand and spread vitriol. These people are ugly and stupid and I hate them.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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