Bodyscapes, submitted by Abraham. For years, I've been looking for a fucked up, overpriced artistic outlet to express my latent Macrophilia, but in a questionably tasteful and work-safe manner. Now, at last, my search has ended; but the adventure that is Bodyscapes® has only begun.


People often ask me where the idea for my Bodyscapes® originated. I have to confess that it didn't come from an interest in photographing nudes or from studio photography. Self taught as a photographer, I was originally trained as a social psychologist. Bodyscapes® evolved from my study of psychology.

No, Bodyscapes® evolved from you being a psycho. The juxtaposition of tiny, everyday people on top of larger, erotically posed naked people is not stemming from your perception of "altered realities, subjective reality, and mystical consciousness". It is because something inside of your brain broke and now you want to make love to a 400ft tall woman.

Prints are well in the price range of your average George Giantfetish, but the more discerning pervert can spend 4 large on some high quality, art-studio grade jerkoff material. This site isn't that worksafe. But it's not exactly safe to read at home, either. Might as well be getting paid to look at two dudes teeing off on half of a nipple.

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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