, submitted by Liverstock. To be fair, I've never understood the practice of "case modding". I think it has something to do with proving how big a nerd you are to your friends (assuming your "who can go the longest without taking a shower" contest reuslted in a stalemate), all while making every girl in a 50-mile radius lose all interest in sex with things that don't require batteries. Whatever the case, look at this thing:

Yep, you're seeing it right: someone decided making a computer case that looks like Leela from "Futurama" would be a good idea. And nobody murdered him before he finished it. I don't care what CTS' last article says, that's pretty much proof positive there is no god.

You can look at the site for more pictures, plus a big stat bio on Leela, but really I wouldn't recommend it unless you'd like to take a long, hot shower afterwards. If you're the guy who made the case, on the other hand, you need to take more showers, preferably with your creation sitting on your lap.

– Evan "Pantsfish" Wade

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