Widows' Revenge, submitted by Dick Harris. Web comics about gamer nerds are common as wall scrolls at an anime clube meeting. In most of these comics gamer nerds are treated with, if not reverence, then at least good-natured and knowing, wink-wink, mockery. Widows’ Revenge, however, is one woman’s crusade to take out her anger over her husband’s World of Warcraft addiction on the rest of the Internet. The comics boil down to her husband finding World of Warcraft more entertaining and interesting than his family. Rather than getting a divorce, she has decided to subject us to her personal problems, proving once more that the Internet is hell.

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WARNING: they might say "darn" once ever ten strips. Also, how dare he check his character level or whatever it is before he’s subjected to hours in the hateful sun with his malcontent children and menopausal wife? Not that I feel sorry for the guy, either. If the greatest joy he can find in life is using the dance emotes on his level 60 night elf then he’s pretty much a lost casue.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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