Oops, I was lying.

Here are even more of the pictures I took in Cambodia:

A minature model of the Angkor Wat, which allows you see the lay-out of its interior.

The temple of Bayon has over a hundred of these giant Buddha faces, pointing in all cardinal directions on a series of mountian-like towers.

Bayon from farther away.

The Landmine Museum.

Created by a man who was forced as a child to lay mines for the Khmer Rouge, then again for the Cambodian government.

As an adult he leads a group that removes landmines. This is as dangerous as you would imagine.

These piles of landmines are only from the area around the landmine museum. There are probably still ones unfound in just this area.

One of many active shrines in the Angkor ruins. Notice the Coke cup. Every shrine had some sort of soda can or cup somewhere on it. I don't know why.

There were hundreds of these carvings at almost every ruin. They were all carved with this much detail.

More fantastic carving

The South gate to Angkor's main city. There are four gates, one for each direction. All of them are still used as major roads, even though no more than one car can fit through them at a time. Driving through on a tuk-tuk with a Chinese tour bus coming the other direction and a bicycle trying to slip by on your right is an experience you cannot forget no matter how hard you try.

If you are interesting in going to Cambodia or Southeast Asia, I would recommend this site: www.talesofasia.com.

If you are interested in emailing me, I recommend clicking here: maxnmona@somethingawful.com.

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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