Katia Doll, submitted by Jacob Heartin. Warning: This site is nowhere near work safe. It doesn't feature actual female nudity, but does simulate nudity in a way that is so monstrous you will be more likely to be fired for looking at it than if you were watching gang rape porn in full screen mode.

Katia Doll is (I'm assuming) a man who dons a full body suit to look like a horribly disfigured and emotionless woman.

Looks familiar, right? We ran an awful link featuring a guy that did the same thing a while back. The fact that there are more people out there doing this is creepy in itself, but things get much worse.

Once "Katia" is all suited up, he/she likes to put on a second full body suit on top of the original one like some sort of Russian doll that escaped from a mad pornographer's lab. The second suit is meant to resemble a rubber sex doll, but it's basically an albino version of the first suit with hilariously large breasts and firetruck red nipples that were obviously drawn on with a marker by a shaky, sweaty hand.

The commentary is pretty great too.

I have an incredible nutsy idea! I want to become an inflatable sex doll. Yes... one of that doll that people use as sexual object

Let's go down in the basement to see if I got all what I need for my transformation.

(image of a dark and scary set of stairs)

What is this? Wow! A female rubber mask! Someone should left it here after a Haloween party!

My parents and my sister and going away for the weekend. I have two days to develop my project!

Parents, talk to your kids more often. If not for them then for the good of our blessed internet.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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