Sexy Decorating, submitted by The Center. There are very few things left on the Internet that people have not found a way to sexualize. I suspect in time they will figure out a way to sexual everything, from tragic stories of genocide in Africa to tribute sites for stillborn babies. I also suspect that, by 2010, the Internet will be used for only two purposes: To induce vomiting and to provide masturbation material for serial killers.

The site manages to sexualize crude 2d sprite avatars, while at the same time making sex seem horribly unsexy. Featuring hundreds of pictures of rigid sprites locked in unpleasant poses, defying gravity and logic, sex has never looked more retarded. I guess this is all associated with some kind of sex chat room aimed at a generation whose aesthetic taste and maturity never moved beyond the Nintendo. Either way it's sad and sometimes funny to read the sterile descriptions of sex acts as performed by lifeless sprites of anime girls, sinister looking men, and monsters.

Oh baby, I'd like to Shift/F11 your virtual genital region!!

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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