The America Show, submitted by trenchfoot fetish. The conservative answer to the Daily Show is apparently a hideously unfunny gaggle of harpies overtly taking sides, as opposed to mocking those in power, as the Daily Show does. Thankfully this answer to the Daily Show is in the form of some lousy YouTube videos that will likely never leave YouTube. "The America Show" features a painfully unfunny three-headed Ann Coulter, not unlike Cerberus, being airy, clueless, and dumb. Ripe with the usual parody of patriotism that has somehow become serious, you couldn't ask for a more unfunny production. They've unfortunately got a second episode up, which is somehow worse than the first. Hopefully these women will all eventually be crunched into oblivion by their own denseness.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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