The Foyer - Entryway to Rogue's Refuge, submitted by Rainbow Blight. Ugly man straps on ugly woman superhero costumes to become AN UGLY MAN WEARING UGLY WOMAN SUPERHERO COSTUMES. Alright! Rock on! Fuck the medication! Doctors don't know shit, ya hear?

To see any costume on my pages in a better view simply click on that image. If you would like to save the images for your own personal enjoyment you have my permission to do so. However, no permission is expressed or implied to post any of my images elsewhere on the Internet including web pages, usenet and e-mail. I surf the web daily and believe me I'll know. :-) Please respect my wishes in this area and I'll continue to bring you new images on a regular basis. Don't be the one to ruin it for everyone else.

Far be it from me to "ruin if for everyone else," because God knows, I want the ENTIRE INTERNET to have the ability to lose their collective lunches by clicking one single link. I guess the burning question in the back of my mind is (besides "why is ANYTHING burning inside me after seeing this website?") who in their right mind would pose for these pictures, much less publicly display them? Like always, the answer is "some freak on the Internet." Make sure to check out the photos of the manwoman dressed up as Xena with a tambourine, Catwoman, and God only knows what. Say goodbye, lunch.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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