*~*~**Sweet Sarah's Webpage**~*~*, submitted by Nancy. Pages like these are what's giving the Internet a bad name. Hell, pages like these are directly responsible for the Internet turning into a gigantic flaming car wreck of failure and wasted lies.

XOXOX~~WHATS up! its SwEeT *STAR* SaRaH! first off, i wanna say *HI* and * I Luv Ya* to all my ~GiRlIEs~ and ~GuYs~who make everything so awsome! well, Im a BlOnDe haired, bright blue eyes CuTie PiE who just LUVS to SHAKE it and have a whole Lotta F~U~N!! I can also be a spoiled RICH BITCH so watch out!I have to be the center of attention! i Also have the sweet side of me who will always listen and be there for whoever needs me! Im an athletic BABE whos all time FAVORITE sport is FLIRTIN!! (wait, is that a sport?) hehe..but i love soccer, basketball,volleyball, and tennis, and ill kick ur ass at ALL of em! so dont challenge the HOT BLONDE CHICK!

!*~Jason*~wanna go outside and PLAY~~~!!*andrew* hey Gabbagabbahey! mon petit amie! oops nm UR BROOKES!~*~Dave~*~hey senior buddy!*~Bobby~*hey "Big Red"hows da man! dude, stay cool!"you got baseball practice today?" lol*~Justin~* i cant believe u fuckin did that to me.*~NILE*~ hehe im gonna get u some cologne, and damn boy can i get a D for damn fine! ~* AAron*~ stop cheating on me!hehe*~Tiny TIna*~i hate your boyfriend! ugh..hehe..stay the coolest sophmore!~*FINA~* i love u FINA WEENA..i love u boy~!

*~*~One day u will want me, the way i wanted u, one day u will think of me, the way i thought of u, one day u will cry over me the way i cried over u, and one day u will love me, but I WONT LOVE YOU*~*~

What?!? Jesus Christ lady, I'm crying right now and all I've done is read your webpage. Something Awful and our parent company, Hermaphrocudicals Inc., are not responsible for any loss of braincells that result from visiting this site, which abuses the asterisk key more than all PLUR pages put together.

PS: There is a link to sign her guestbook, but I believe it has a "30,000 asterisk minimum" imposed on it.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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