This is, submitted by Dave. Doug Moon is a philosopher. Doug Moon is a writer. Doug Moon is an artist. Doug Moon is an intellectual. But most importantly, DOUG MOON IS AN ABSOLUTE, POSITIVE, HORSEWHEEL INSANE NUTBOX WITH WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS.

"To make a living is to take a living." - Doug Moon
"To exist is to persist. Everything that ever was can still be." - Doug Moon
"A man's place is in his space. A woman's place is not in a man's space." - Doug Moon
"Touch my work and it's yours. Better know what you're doing - it's in your hands." - Doug Moon
"There is nothing without me." - Doug Moon

Wow! That's deep! We'd all better hope and pray that Doug Moon doesn't suddenly implode or fall off a UFO sometime soon because if he dies, we'll all turn into nothing! And, besides Fragmaster, I don't think anybody would want this to ever happen! Doug seems to have the answer to just about every medical problem known to man, well, except just one: how to cure mentally unstable people from writing their own "about me" sites on the Internet. Hurry up, Doug Moon, and solve this mystery before your philosophy boggles my mind to the point where it explodes and party favors begin shooting out of my damaged skull in every direction!

PS: This guy is 100% insane. Take a look at his messageboard, in which he is the sole poster and replies to all his posts. This is seriously creeping me the hell out, folks.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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