Superheroines have suffered numerous cinematic indignities (Supergirl, Elektra, Catwoman), but Batdude's Photomanipulations magnify the humiliation, replacing the characters' already revealing crime-fighting costumes with ineptly slathered coats of pixelated paint. He often scribbles his sloppy outfits over faked celebrity nudes: Batdude's Spiderwoman treatment of an alleged Sarah Michelle Gellar creates mesmerizing concentric circles of unreality. These skintight superimposed unitards feature more taut nipples than Joel Schumacher's homoerotic Batsuit. One picture reveals that pubic hair undergoes a mysterious channel-fuzz effect when covered with simulated Spandex. Batdude's crude creations should excite alien-porn connoisseurs who wish naked female flesh always came in hideous tints, and they should provide inspiration for cosplay cheapskates looking for models for their next-time-I'm-just-drawing-that-costume-on-with-Magic-Markers-and-saving-fifty-bucks schemes.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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