The Hybrid Animal Human Page introduces itself as a geeky photo-illustration project, with an introductory paragraph that's all "genetical engineering on the computer is great fun" this and "land of myths and legends in our everyday life" that. So it's pretty alarming to witness the actual creations, which crudely splice the ovoid mouths and pendulous breasts of anonymous adult-magazine skanks onto four-legged frames (or, in a few profoundly disturbing instances, mount livestock heads on trollop bodies). SA censured this site back in 2003, but we'd be remiss not to specifically condemn the "Adult Hybrid" offshoot page. These images should thrill closet bestiality enthusiasts, who've been wanting a way to eroticize, say, cat faces, cow horns and horsetails without completely fraying their tether to the comparatively normal realm of standard pornography. For anyone else, they're either hilarious or terrifying: Reactions to abject grotesqueries may vary. Farm-animal fetishists with especially strong stomachs (or, in the site's parlance, three extra bovine stomachs) can proceed to his "Weirdest Pics Ever" page to stock their future fantasies with indelible visions of eight-breasted porcine abominations.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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