List of Villians in Codename: Kids Next Door - The internet possesses a limitless supply of information. People using the internet possess a limitless supply of free time. Combine the two and you get Wikipedia, the only website where you can read 40 thousand words detailing each and every villain from the childrens' cartoon "Codename: Kids Next Door."

Thanks internet. Sincerely, from me to you. Thanks.

Make sure to check out the discussion page for a little peek into the greatest minds this generation has ever witnessed.

I don't think you mean NPOV so much is that the material is subjective and not verified by any third party. The editors are not pushing any particular point of view. However, if they say that so-and-so is "fast", that is just their observation. I think that simple observation is probably OK if the material is clearly obvious. For instance, if I write an article and state (say) that The Flash is fast, I don't really need to cite an outide reference work; it's just obvious. However, the problem comes in if the statement is not obvious, and I think that that does apply in many of these cases. Who is to say that such-and-such villian is "fast"? Another person might view that same episode and not agree. So I think a case could be made for removing this material. However, I would like to see more discussion before this happens, and also I would like to see examples where a statment actually is arguable. If you can cite some particular characters where you actually disagree with the ratings, that would greatly strengthen your case.

Oh okay Wikipedia expert "Herostratus," let me just sit down here and type up a million words about how "Big Badolescent" can outrun "Cheese Shogun Roquefort" in the 50-meter dash but definitely not a 5-mile course because Big Badolescent's strengths rely more on speed than endurance, as can be seen in "Codename: Kids Next Door" episode 35, "I Am a 38-Year Old Man With Several Obese Cats and an Empty Life I Futilely Try to Fill With Childrens' Cartoons." It sure is a good thing the man who did the major rewrite of the term "child sexuality" is here to weigh in on this matter!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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