Welcome to the Weekend Web! For those of you just joining us let me fill you in on all the details about what we do here. Every other week I post a thread on the Something Awful forums asking users to take screenshots of several forums of my choosing. I save them all and stick the lot into a centrifuge machine that separates the horrible posts that abuse the English language until it's a black and blue pulp from the ones that include erotic stories about mothers and sons fucking. After that I set the substance in neat little squares on a baking pan and bake at 350 degrees for two hours. Then I spread icing and horse shit on the top and serve it up hot and fresh to you good folks. The leftovers sit on the windowsill to rot away in the hot sun until the nieghbors finally get so sick of the smell that they call the city to have it hauled away to the dump.

And that is how you make a Weekend Web.

Blazin' Squad

The English language. Time of death: 1:18 AM, August 15th, 2004. Godspeed friend.

14 members?! Holy shit! That's almost as much as ICantLose has!

Only discussion of the highest intelect is allowed at Blazin' Squad.

The hell you say!

You ain't seen nothing yet baby!

lol my name iz MMMMMeXiCaN i'm 22222222222 bored u see !!!

Everybody on this forum is so incredibly bored. Well this is what happens when you live in the Hollywood Hills and mom buys you an AOL account.

Ho ho ho! This is not an image of Blazin' Squad at all! In fact it is an image of the Duke Nukem Forever forums which is coming up in just a few pages. I didn't even notice!

You know those secret decoder cards they use to put in cereal boxes? I think I need one of those to decipher this message.

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