Back in 2007, the LOLCat Bible Translation began its infernal work, reducing the Lord's word to kitty pidgin. This site offers its nearly completed transcriptions on stark pages that begrudge visitors the adorable visuals that usually distract LOLCat image macro viewers from killing themselves. Instead, there's thousands of fucking sentences that go on like this: "If u make mistayk with PENIS GOES WHERE?!, thn u wull not b abel to eat saycrd cheezburgrs."

Something Awful makes a highly unauthorized cameo during "Proverbs 1: I Has a Proverb," starting with verse 20:

Wisdom posts on teh internets, n edits wikipedia.
she posts in threadz on 4chan and somethingawful:
How long, ye simple kittehs, will ye love simplicity? and the luzors delight in their lulz, and fools hate nollege?
Lissn to mai hiss: behold, I will pour out my HoverCat unto you, I will make lowd yowling screamings unto you.
Coz I have mao'd, and you sed "stoopid cat"; I have stretcheded out my clawz, and no man was skeered of scratchings;
YOU DUZZN'T STOP masturbating when Ceiling Cat watches you!:
I is LOLing at yur trubbels.

Jesus wept.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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