Surely you've heard of the "world's youngest author" Gloria Tesch? At the age of 16, she's written six fantasy novels, all of which are self-published and none of which appear to be available for direct sale anywhere but at her own Web site. Yet according to a recent report by "Kyle Kendrick," purported to be the news-breaking host of Celebrity Soup (canceled in 2006), crazed Tesch fans are serving up "a hot dish of hysteria," storming what must be the only book store in the world that stocks her titles and asking for autographs "in the most precarious of places."


Between shots of relatives and/or paid derelicts simulating fandom, this video features exciting recreations of scenes from The Maradonia Saga, which ostensibly serve as a preview of the inevitable motion-picture adaptations. Says submitter Schadenfraulein: "Perhaps the grimmest part of this grim video is a dramatized scene in which a cigar-chomping movie-studio exec discovers her work. Also a flying skull." No matter how terrible Tesch's work might be -- and the quoted sections suggest "very terrible" -- books are difficult to appreciate ironically, given the necessary time commitment. Fortunately, this "book trailer" provides the perfect shortcut!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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