By now, readers of this section should be familiar with Crazy James Reesor, God's chosen governor for the impending end times. I'll close SA's first-ever James Reesor Awareness and Appreciation Week with a few more YouTube clips that demonstrate his unique interpretation of sanity. Just doing my part for word-of-mouth advertising!

Reesor is usually skeptical about members of the evil media, but this interviewer wins him over, not only by wearing a "Reesor for Governor" T-shirt but also by opening with the question "What will you be doing about all the riffraff?"

Reesor has important thoughts to share about Glenn Beck; try not to get distracted by the random synth drumloop!

Do you ever find yourself thinking "IDONWANNAGOTAHELL"? If so, this Reesor video is tailored specifically to you!


– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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