QubeTV (thanks atomo) - Tired of commenting on a YouTube video of a white kid ghost riding with "turn Iran into a sheet of glass!" only to have it ignored by the liberal cretins who do not share your personal philosophy? Head to QubeTV, where you no longer have to compete in the rat race of ideas and you can just spew whatever stupid right wing bullshit pops into your head and receive megadittos.

The trend of attempting to replicate the success of YouTube continues with conservatives-only ripoff QubeTV. Described by Fox News as "YouTube with a sensible spin", it provides an outlet for those folks whose ideology is too fragile to survive the free market. This all gets particularly ironic if you happen to be watching a video about the free market solving everything.

If you're not already familiar with Qube TV… you should be! This "conservative YouTube," if you will, is trailblazing the way for conservative New Media. The vision of the three-week-old venture is to be a communal place for conservatives to gather without the fear of censorship or the concern that their news, ideas or videos will be suppressed or flagged as hate speech and deleted into thin air.

So far about half of the videos seem to be releases from conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. I guess it's the right wing equivalent of a bunch of left-wing jerks ripping clips of liberal TV shows and uploading them to YouTube, like Maury Povich and his paternity tests or when a news anchor accidentally swears. There is a guiding principal behind this whole thing, of course, so here's what QubeTV creator Jeff Lord has to say on the subject:

And if some al-Qaeda type sends footage of an American kid being killed, unlike the New York Times, we will have the common sense and decency to get the thing removed ASAP…as conservatives we are big believers in the Constitution, which includes the First Amendment.

It's really endearing that he can't even manage to avoid contradicting himself in a press release. I give QubeTV about two months before it is forced to ban dozens of white power videos in order to prevent it from being branded as a hate website. The alternative is that they might just leave them up and not care about it, which is also hilarious.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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