Meet Richard. When he started his Web Page, he was a humble "student of Computer Science at the local Junior Colloge." But he continued his educational ascent, and now he holds "an Associtates Degree in Application and Web Development." It might seem odd that a graduate would have such trouble spelling academically relevant words, but it's much more mystifying to ponder that the man responsible for this site ever received computer training.

Among the bizarre attractions Richard's brutally primitive Web page offers:

  • A rant about why shoppers should let baggers take their groceries to the car, highlighted by his rebuttals to common reasons for refusal and the phrase "Carry Out" rendered in Olde English font.
  • An insanely slow-moving slide show consisting of "pictures a close friend sent me," which comes with a really long disclaimer about monitor resolutions but no descriptions of the random family photos.
  • Pop-up Bible quotes.
  • A "Texas History" section that requires you to express your consent using a drop-down menu before entering, then rewards those who indicated they were willing to proceed with a bunch of broken links.
  • A poorly formatted, amusingly censored guestbook.
  • Richard's pink signature on most pages.

Update: Friend to the section Eggert reveals what happens if you try to access the site from "across the pond." There's a way around his defenses, but it sounds messy; apparently, you must "fist disable the file."

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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