Let's discover the lost works of online poet laureate Syborfical, whose work eloquently embodies 2001-02 America.


I hate techno just a beat or a sound ...
Like someone beating something on a mound ...
It has nothing much to express ...
No issues to address

Where r the words
Its been made by nerds ...
It has not emotion in it ...
I just thing that it is shit ...

Fuck all the techno
When will it all go ...
Nothing to express ...
Nothing to repress ...

Techno dose nothing for me
It dose not give glee
Metal on the other hand is about people in shit
And how they got out of it ...

Hatred and anger to release ...
But some of the fake one have money do fleece ...
Some just wanna be herd ...
There not in I for the money how absurd

Guitars that are pumping
People head banging and jumping
This is not main stream
This in no pop star dream

Metal is not fake ...
It is musix that people make
Screaming and yelling
Do you listen to the stories they are telling


I tried to suicide and slit my wrist the wrong way.
Now I have blood every wear, I'm hear to stay.
Fuckin mess I try to oppress it all and end it all
Caz the world is big and I am small

Can't handle all the pressures can't live time to die
If I said I had some thing to stop me that's a lie
Try and escape it all
Then I fall

Hit the ground I'm bloody hurting
The blood is a spurting
But I never died
People lied

I cut the wrong way
I dunno what to say
Fuck it fuck it fuck it all
I'm big and your all small

Why can't I die
Sick of leaving a lie
Just let me go away
So I don't have to put up with another day


The 90's they went so quick I grew up and grew a dick.
Being a Goth it was a trend, now it's at an end.
Teenage years, drinking and thinking.
Nirvana, Kurt died and people lied

Play station and the internet kicked off, I got drunk heaps I drank Smirnoff
I finished school I went for popular to not cool.
The millennium bug, was a crock of shit, people where paid to go fix it .
Music evolved some issued where solved..
Korn got shiter and shit .. I think every one is over it ..

Albania was at war .. Serbian's where being a hore ...
Wars .. every .. watch them on tv .. did any one really care ?
Paul Hanson , port authur these events shocked a nation down under .. every on know about it just like thunder ..

Marlin Manson came.. it thing he is a waste of time no shame &
Comblin shooting Manson and metal were some of the blame ..
Drugs drugs every where infecting innocent .. do governments care ..

Nine in nails started .. a good new sound .. now there .. cool and there off the ground &
Slipknot .. fast hard and different . whereing masks .. are know known .. there cools guy if any one asks &
Pop music spice girls ,Hanson Brittany spire , there be gone in a few years ..

10 year that is were .. 10 years of change .. or maybe not .. hmm not things never stay the same ..

Loser I am

I am a loser, I have no life
I nuffin to get me into strife
I am so boring so dull waiting for things to happen to me
Sitting there waiting, nothing never dose, nothing that I see
I don't love my self
so how can I love any one else
Filled with rage, and a hateful past
I hide inside my self, I hide under a mask

Nothing will happen to you if you sit and wait
You will become bored and filled with hate
This is no life, go get one
Go out find friends, go party, and have fun
I don't respect myself so no one else can
I am a pour excuse for a man
No job, no women, this Is not how to live
Go find a girl, to love and to give

Once all these task are completed
Will the subject of being a loser be reheated?


I am depressed I feel like shit
And there nothing I can do about
I feel I want to die
I know there no one that will understand me this is no lie

SO fuck you fuck it
You are so shit
You can't handle me because you don't know
I hide myself I never show
When I let peoples in I fucken hurt
So fall down and I feel like dirt

Make some pain
I'm not sane
Caz I am hurting caz its all dead
This so true nothing in my head
I'm not ok
Its not day

I am so boring so no one listens to me
I feel so trapped like I never feel free
Love what the fuck is it
It so fucken fake I don't give a shit

Fuck you fuck it
You are so shit
Its all fucked over nothing can I can do
I felt some thing but never pursue
I am cruised I am broken
I feel like dying chocking

Oh dear. Let's end Syborfical's online poetry recital on an upbeat note!


Hyper hypo can't sit still bugs in my pains
My mind ticks over I have many chants
Feel like running round and round
Haha .. laughing out loud making a sound

I am so happy
Nothing is crappy
I am hyper and hypo
I wish this mood would never go

Fee like parting feel like singing and dancing
Jumping around all hypo jumping and prancing
Happy though positive smile
Now my frown in gone for a while

So much I want to do
I want run a round and laugh with you
Smilz grins and giggle
Can stay still can't stop these giggles

Hehe happy

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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