yo fukk the h8rz *chugs a faygo; is worthless*

Submitted by David Keller

Here we have two juggalos making a 9 minute long video about - what else? - how much they hate "haters" and how awesome ICP/juggalos are and how they will "fuck up" any "haters" that "rightfully point out how fucking retarded they are for worshiping a band that pretends to be evil clowns or something".

Jesus, if I was going to be this retarded and obsessive about a band, I'd at least pick one with more talent than ICP. Y'know, someone like Milli Vanilli or Winger or something.

Critics Corner

"wow dude i didnt hate juggalos before now... but try to make an intelligent argument that was the most borin vid of 9 minutes ever dude comeon if you wanna stop people from hating juggalos then prove to them that you are real people. Dont try to explain back to us why we hate you. I just found out of the existence of juggalos 'bout two minutes ago and all the vids i saw were of slack-jawed idiots that made no sense. So in a way your influencing the hatred of your people through yourselfs."


"juggalos=a big group of fags that got to old to hangout at the mall on friday night so they just became losers for life. hah life flip"


"Oh and Juggalo gatherings always end with shit everywhere and people being assaulted 10 to 1, so I see no reason that trashing Jubbalos property is wrong."


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