Submitted by Paul Rice

*Warning: this video contains baby dicks. Don't watch it if you're at work unless your boss is totally into baby dicks in which case you should really consider getting a new job I mean seriously dude goddamn also I guess don't watch it if you yourself aren't into baby dicks however if you ARE into baby dicks fuck you I'm calling the police you fucking sicko. I guess what I'm saying here is there is no reason for anyone to ever watch this video and honestly I don't even know why I watched it far enough to know it contains baby dick*

Now that that's out of the way, enjoy this video of babies getting their dongs chopped off set to music I guess! I sure am glad whoever uploaded this video had enough pictures of baby dick lying around to be able to make this movie!

Critics Corner

"If American parents took the trouble to check out the FUNCTION of the foreskin and its rich endowment with erogenous nerves, they would realise what we Europeans have long known: circumcision is genital mutilation. That's why the British don't perform infant circumcision any more.

When American boys grow up and find out what their parents so callously deprived them of - with scarcely a second thought - parents will have a lot of explaining to do! Trouble is brewing!"


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