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Sometimes, here at AwfulVision, I like to do something a little different. "But Seth 'Occupy Japan' Bailey," you say, "I thought you were hired to write unfunny things about bad YouTube videos!". This is very true, and while I won't be deviating from the unfunny part, I do sometimes like to deviate from the "random bad videos" part if AwfulVision happens to fall on a certain date or I find something particularly noteworthy to dedicate an entire article to.

I'm sure you can probably guess what today's article is about!

Yes, as luck would have it, AwfulVision just so happened to fall on election day here in the good ol' US of A, so instead of making fun of fat juggalos and fat furries and fat libertarians, I thought I'd dedicate this article to some of the greatest political hits (and misses) ever caught on tape.

And don't worry: this is American politics we're talking about. There's still plenty of "awful".

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