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boxer poops

Submitted by me, bitch

People uploading videos of their dogs shitting will never, ever get old, but I feel this one (wherein a dog shits and then lays in it because it's too stupid to not to) is a particularly apt metaphor for Youtube, and indeed, the internet as a whAWWWWWWWW JOBIE WHAT YOU DOIN DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWG DATS NAAAAAAAAASTY

Critics Corner

"This HAS to be fake.ÿ Rednecks (black or white) do tend to be annoying dumb shits like this hick but he seems TOO retarded to be a human(if that's even possible). Either this is a fake or this man's uncle and father is the same person....I am leaning toward the incest theory."

-YoshiShell's doctoral thesis

"every time someone films their dog taking a dump, god lets a rapeÿ happen."


"Aw come on heÿ got his damn feet wet now shit dog."


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