>.> anime b00yah 2k9 ^_^;

Submitted by Dan H.

One of the great mysteries of the universe is how this bitch manages to have that skin tone and not instantly develop 3rd degree burns from the fluorescent lighting.

look at how bad these fucking comments are

"Umm, At 2:31 that Otaku-dude is cosplaying as a Vocaloid, Yamaha's singing program mascot. (They'reÿ pretty cool, you should look up all the neat stuff they have about Vocaloids on YouTube!)

This seems so cool... Yet... Geeky and disturbing... Though I like to play games and watch anime, I don't think I'd geek-out over the stuff. (LIKE THOSE IRRITATING GEEKS IN BORDERS WHO LAUGH AT EVERY PAGE OF THE MANGA AND NEED TO BREATH MORE DAMN QUIETLY!!! ) ...But, going to a convention sounds like fun!"


">.> Well....this being the first time I've ever seen one of your videos I get the feeling I'm going to enjoy the rest of your videos. And no, your not the only anime fan. xD
And I have no idea where alot of the cosplay outfits come from. Not surprising though, there are alot of anime I haveÿ yet to watch. Congrts on winning."


"I am a girl myself, and what I stated is that she looks hot.

It is your media that made you think that stating the beauty is bad because "looks isÿ not everything". If looks is not everything, which I rekon, then it still is something. Because otherwise the phrase should be "looks are nothing" instead of "looks are not everything".

And do you know the meaning of the word pervert? You are such an idiot. But what should I expect from someone who has numbers in his nickname."


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