dogcrash truther

my idea for a show is a sitcom about a straight-laced colorado businessman who starts a edibles business with his wacky half brother, and its called "Baked!"

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she is an optimistic rookie detective straight out of the academy. he is lucifer, lord of darkness. can this unlikely pair work together to solve crimes&and learn how to love? "devil may care," tuesdays this fall

mister magpie

a retired circus performer who can establish psychic links with stabbing weapons. Mandy Patinkin solves crimes in "Knife To Meet You"

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Detective Ophelia Neckrow didn't ask for the power to talk to the dead. Especially if it had to be pillow talk. Between the Sheets, premiering this fall.


He's a subscriber who swatted at livestreamer at just the right moment to prevent a murder and got a free policeman job out of it. His partner? A DayZ griefer. They, well, probably don't really get around to solving many crimes.

dogcrash truther

House Call is a reality game show where people who are interested in buying a house are given a tour and a surprise invasive medical exam. If they answer enough questions correctly about the status of their health, they get to keep the house. The trick is that a lot of them have cancer etc. without knowing it, and this is how they find out.


Jeffrey Maurovich, an overworked and underpaid public defender with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, teams up with fast-talking, charismatic private detective Lisa Cunningham. The catch? Lisa is the animate skeleton of Adolf Hitler (she isn't hitler, she's just Hitler's skeleton), and she does everything she can to hide this from her new partner -- and potentially her new romance.

Lotta world building here. Lots of questions. Was Lisa trapped by Hitler's flesh during the war? Did she try to stop him at any point, or did she buy into what he was selling just like so many of the german people? Flashbacks, historical fiction, it'll be great.


he's a crime, she's a crime, and together they must solve a single mother of two with a penchant for mysteries and her straight-laced detective husband

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a former CIA agent with short-term memory loss has 24 hours to stop a sinister plot. he only has 5,760 chances to solve the mystery&in 15 seconds.


He's a homeless werewolf forced to forage for his next meal, when he lands the job of his life, solving the deaths of others.

Dr. Chaney, Medical Examiner, Fox Tuesdays

Weekend Bridges

Shows are going to keep getting stranger. Medical procedural drama where they just swap the right and left parts of a person and it save their lives. Cooking show on how to maximize your insect protein. Art shows where they have genetically bread snails to leave neon colored slime trails and they put them on a canvas. Expedition to find the source of wind. I can't wait, I'm just glad we have Let's Play until then.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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