poop drew "ZeusCannon." I'm kinda glad ZeusCannon didn't reciprocate. Or, if he did, that I completely ignored it.

It's Phoon "vs Dinosaurs"; who do you think won? Hint: "Phoon" is short for "climate-altering typhoon."

Who am I? Who I'm is Final Gloom. Final Gloom "isagoon."

Well, I guess I'll leave it up to Death by Meteor's "The Mad Archivist" to preserve this theme for posterity!

What's that? We're at the end and still no "Catpants McStabby"? Hey, I have to save something for the second installment, whenever that might run! Thanks to Awesome Kristin for starting the theme and to all the Art-Goons!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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