What's a better way to celebrate the coming of 2003 than by bringing up a classic thread from 2002? Well I can think of a number of things actually, many involving food, but hell this is a free site so you get what you pay for, bub! The Something Awful Goons, inspired by a post from Gremlin which referenced a previous post by somebody other than Gremlin, decided to get back on the age-old bandwagon of "intellectualizing rap." In case you've never been exposed to the fine art of intellectualizing rap (or you're one of the many people who weren't around when we made it up), this is a procedure which takes classic, timeless rap lyrics and then translates them into something even the most white of white people can understand. It's a great service for the chronically unhip people like me who want to read about the people hip into chronic! So let's get intellectualizin'!




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