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Today's ALOD is a fansite for a Sonic The Hedgehog game that was never released, or at least I think it wasn't released. If this game was actually real, It came out for the Sega 32x, which wasn't really a game console so much as it was a theoretical device you could purchase to not play next-generation games on. Anyways, so this game that doesn't exist (hypothetically) has tons of devoted fans who have dedicated their lives to the cast of characters in this (hypothetical) game, and some of them make websites like Knuckles Chaotix Dot Info. Fan art, erotic fan art, erotic self-insertion furry fan art, poetry, gay Knuckles fan fiction, gay Knuckles/Megaman crossover fan fiction and pirated materials from Sega are standard fare for any Sonic The Hedgehog related fan site. Creating an epic, animated introduction sequence with MSpaint & Flash - that's not standard fare; that's ALOD fare.

Helps you appreciate the high standards Shmorky puts into each and every Flash Tub, if you ask me.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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