• I'm th weird indents on the bridge
  • I'm the sword handle.
  • I'm the paper thin slit in the knight's helmet
  • I'm the perspective on the laptops
  • I'm the grey>white gradient on the laptop's screens
  • Im the top left edges of the keys on the left laptop keyboard, and the bottom left edges of the keys on the right laptop keyboard
  • I'm the side of the table
  • I'm also the flag stuck to the side of the horse and the bridge that just goes over some ground and then arches twice over nothing

  • I'm the guy put in the ad to show what a user of public transport might look like.
  • I'm also his jumper, and the thick brown line coming from the left border [possibly holding up the sign?]
  • me = four eyes on thing at back
  • me = The holy hands [halo is over the hands]
  • me = hands perfectly parallel to camera
  • me = translucent feather hiding nonexistent nipples
  • me = The eye visor and the no damn pupils
  • me = weird, gelatinous blob that's eating the person
  • me = footlong bellybuttton crack
  • me = guy paying $2.90 per day to have that ad up

  • I'm actually none of these assholes, but I am the names "Hamby" and "Bickerstaff"
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