Sir Lucius, what have you done? This is not right. This is not right at all.

You can't spell "classpresident" without "ass". Or "Cad Restless Nip".

Bloody Hedgehog is responsible for this image and 90% of holes found in American buckets. If you have a hole in your bucket, now you know who to blame.

Rumor has it that BA Barracus from the A-Team was inspired by Hypnotized. Before he came along, the character was a 19th century British dandy fop.

Frakt0n made a few of these drawings and they're all quite nice in a disturbing way.

BloodDumpster suffers from a rare KFC deficiency, meaning that he relies on the good Colonel Sanders to provide his daily medication flavored with 11 secret herbs and spices.

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