A great philosopher once asked the immortal question "Where's the Beef?", and today I'm glad to bring you not one, but two answers. I should warn you that this article contains numerous gratuitous pictures of pure unadulterated meaty goodness, so you will probably gain 3lbs and a day's worth of cholesterol just by reading it. If you are a vegetarian, run for cover, because things are about to get beefy when the forum goons hit town.

The first part of this Goldmine comes from Honk, who felt he owed it to the entire internet to bring us proof of an ungodly entity that has recently been discovered. Finding evidence of a cheeseburger in a can, our brave goon ventured out to make the ultimate sacrifice, all for the sake of getting attention on the internet. This is his harrowing story.

First, here are pictures taken to prove that the legends are true, including the ingredients of the burger in both Klingon and English.

It's cooking!!

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