Dog Marriage


two dogs humping in a meadow while the wedding party gathers around wagging their tails and barking


option for dinner at the reception: wet food or dry food


wedding cake is array of expertly stacked bones

Robot Made of Meat

Who's the best man? Who's the best man? You are! You know you are!


Interracial wedding between dog and cat, both sides are supportive but awkward about it and don't end up mingling much with each other during the reception

cat dad gives speech about how beautiful it is to see such harmony when only a decade ago their people were so adversarial to each other


dog at the dog/cat wedding awkwardly trying to use a litter box to show he is openminded


the bride throws a bouquet of flowers behind her and chases after it.

I Was The Fury

Bride throws the bouquet, it is returned by a guest. She throws it again, and it is returned by a guest. This continues until it is time to go home.

blaise rascal

bride is mortified to see that one bridesmaid's dress is a different shade of gray than the rest


dogs waiting in the receiving line so that they may get their turn to smell the bride and grooms anuses


Everyone looking left in the wedding photo because a squirrel ran by when they were taking it.

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