City of Glompton

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the bride wants the groom to throw the garter, but she also refuses to let go of it


several dogs hired for the specific purpose of stopping any squirrels from disrupting the ceremony


wedding planner: for your location, do you want to do an indoor ceremony, or do you want to go outside?

*dog couple loses their d@mn minds*


When the bride and groom drive off from the wedding, the rest of the guests chase after them.

I Was The Fury

Groom growls and snaps at other guests that approach cake while he is eating his portion


the bride barks nervously as she notices that one of the servers they've hired is also the "police dog" that her friends had hired for her bachelorette party

Jeffrey of YOSPOS

The best man stands up on his hind legs and starts barking his speech, all the other guests start barking too.


A young pup runs their paw around the rim of a wine glass, causing everyone in the room to start howling.


Bride drags her butt on the carpet all the way up the aisle.

big black turnout

the ceremony is slightly religious but nothing too dogmatic


The ceremony is starting, the nervous groom is going through his mental check-list to see if he remembered everything."Oh my god. I totally forgot to roll in something grotesque!" His best man just smiles and gestures to a dead squirrel he dragged in from the bushes, "I've got your back, bro."

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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