Whose the greatest living hero? According to the Something Awful site analytics, there's an 80% chance you answered by screaming "Goku" at your computer screen. And as well you should - he's a god damned hero. Here're some forum posts about Goku attempting to humanize himself and reconnect with the common man. If you don't know who Goku is, check out this link: WWW.wikipedia/Goku. If that link doesn't work, don't email me.


goku boards a plane to humble himself and to better understand us


goku shops at a typical american mall in an 80s inspired montage




the . represents earth, from gokus perspective in space. he covers the . with his thumb and sighs deeply, knowing we are safe, he is our champion


goku beholds the vast glory of the cosmos and reflects on how small we are in the grand scheme of things, while casually punting a black hole out of his view

mister magpie

goku sleeps on night on the streets so he could be a slob like one of us

google THIS

goku slides his debit card into the atm. it prompts him to select his language and he experiences an existential crisis because he can't remember if he's the subbed or dubbed version

Celluloid Sam

goku is trying a vegan diet but he doesn't go around rubbing everyone's face in it it's just for personal reasons ie he used to have a tail


goku fuses with some guy name Craig

mister magpie

goku pretends to struggle to open a jar, and asks chi chi for help, and learns a little something about us and himself

I Dunno

Goku for the first time attempts cooking the insane amount of food that his wife has to prepare for him every single day. He cries.


goku wears a dress and a wig and walks around the city enduring catcalls from construction workers, goes to get his 1989 Toyota Corolla worked on and is horrified that the mechanics try to overcharge him


Goku really wants the california pizza kitchen brand frozen pizza, but chichi is watching and it is over seven dollars. he takes a deep breath and is briefly overcome with terror at the prospect of not being able to murder everyone on the planet. his hands go into fists, but... release. he exhales, and is once again at peace, at Goku. he is powerful and immortal. he smirks and reaches for the cheaper, generic brand pepperoni. Goku is powerful. Goku can do this.

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