You may be wondering "Where's Joseph 'Maxnmona' Fink?" Well, this Sunday, he's Joseph "Taking a Short Break" Fink. I agreed to fill in for him today and hope I did not ruin your post-Church Internetting!

This article was spawned by my fascination at the stupidity of electric football. Earlier in the week, the words "electric football" popped into my mind, and by the next morning I had written 2000 words about it. But I have to thank Pantsfish for his all-encompassing knowledge of sports. He helped me with this article, and I hope it doesn't show that I have not seen a sports game of any type since 1994. Also,DocEvil did the fantastic cover for Keith Jackson's fake game. Without the help of my SA buddies I would only have cold, lonely words to rub together.


– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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