In celebration of Halloween, SA's resident fashion goblins Dr. Thorpe and Zack will be dribbling out a spooky Halloween-themed morsel of Fashion SWAT every day until October 30th. On the spookiest of days you will find a special Halloween treat!


You will love how debonair your dog will look in this classic dog tuxedo.

Perfect for weddings, the holidays, parties, and special occasions, this dog tuxedo is sure to be a hit.

Made of 100% polyester satin, the tux features double-breasted styling, detailed lapels, a bow tie and tails.

Velcro® closure on front provides a secure and comfortable fit.

Includes a top hat with an elastic chin strap to complete

Dr. Thorpe: After a few days of really disturbing dog costumes I was expecting another day of heartbreak, but I gotta admit, this one is doing it for me. This doesn't even look like a costume, I think that little motherfucker just plays it strictly formal.

Zack: It looks like today is, "Dog in a tuxedo reacts to Two Girls, One Cup."

Dr. Thorpe: I'm thinking the dog actually looks kind of gratified and delighted, but I guess dogs do eat their own poop all the time so that video would be like Food Network to them.

Zack: I wonder if this dog has a dog friend he looks down on that refuses to get dressed up, walks around in sweatpants and a wolf t-shirt. The kind of dog that leaves hot pocket wrappers in between couch cushions.

Zack: I'm talking a really low class sort of dog. Maybe our dog has a bet with another fancy dog to teach that slovenly dog how to live like a gentleman.

Dr. Thorpe: This dog does not concern himself with the affairs of the common dog, and this dog most certainly does NOT engage in gambling.

Zack: I disagree! He looks to be exactly the sort of debonair rake who won his fortune rolling squeaky dice in Monte Carlo and will lose it one day on a friendly bet with a dachshund.

Dr. Thorpe: Yeah, maybe you're right. I guess he does have the kind of greedy-for-life gleam in his eye that's been bred out of haughtier gentleman dogs

Dr. Thorpe: You can't even take this dog out for a walk, because a nude dog is as shocking to him as a nude person on the street would be to us. If you took him for a walk he'd just get really offended and refuse to poop.

Zack: I can sympathize. Seeing a man nude and defecating next to a tree would be scandalous, but I go back to those videos that got Max Hardcore in trouble.

Zack: Of course by "next to a tree" I mean "on a crying teenager."

Dr. Thorpe: And by "Max Hardcore" you mean "us."

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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