I won't even attempt to describe this one. Just keep in mind that none of this has been fabricated or made up in any way (since people keep asking me if these are real or not). After being abducted by the space aliens in my last ICQ prank, I come under attack from a new enemy - the dreaded Space Robots!

Corn_Boy - wassup

Corn_Boy - what is the time there?

Lowtax - 11 pm

Corn_Boy - wow, why are you woking so late?

Corn_Boy - what kind of work do you do

Lowtax - VE and SA stuff

Corn_Boy - whats that

Lowtax - VE - Virginian Empire SA - Secretary's Alliance

Corn_Boy - is the secretarys alliance like a union

Lowtax - Kind of. Mostly we just go over to Marcie's house after work and gossip, go to the rodeos, wash cars, etc etc. We also lobby congress.

Lowtax - What do you think about robots?

Corn_Boy - the ones that make the cars?

Lowtax - No, space robots

Corn_Boy - I dont know, I havent met one yet, but I guess they would be cool

Lowtax - I am building a space robot, that's why I asked.

Corn_Boy - ok, will it be going into space?

Lowtax - I am trying. It will be a very useful robot. I am giving it AI. Do you know what that stands for?

Corn_Boy - who is al? do you not like him and is that why you are giving him to the robot

Lowtax - No, AL is my friend, AI means "Abnormal Interests". I learned that and I'm programming my robot to act like a human.

Corn_Boy - like in the disney movie

Lowtax - What is Disney? I don't watch movies, I had to use the parts from my VCR to build my space robot.

Corn_Boy - from a vcr, wow, how does that work

Lowtax - I will tell you, but it is a secret so you can't tell anybody

Corn_Boy - ok, I wont, I promise

Lowtax - I am using the CLOCK in it to have the robot tell time!!!

Corn_Boy - will it have a gun

Lowtax - NO! I am non-violent, and I do not enjoy guns and violence!!! It will have a broom and fishtank and vaccuum. The Ultimate Space Robot!

Corn_Boy - you must be real smarte to be albe to make a space robot, my parents have a dvd player thing, can you turn that into a robot, it has a lasre in it

Lowtax - I can turn everything into Space Robots!

Corn_Boy - have you made many other robots?

Lowtax - Yes, but they don't work the way they were supposed to. One was a BIG ACCIDENT my friend

Corn_Boy - what happened

Lowtax - Grandma fell down the stairs

Corn_Boy - did the robot push her was she alright

Lowtax - I misprogrammed it. I tried to do good, but the robot jumped up and pushed grandma's head and she started spitting and her teeth flew out and the robot shot sparks and grandma fell down the stairs onto my uncle.

It was the worst Christmas ever.

Corn_Boy - oh no! sparks, did anything catch on fire

Lowtax - Grandma did, but I got a Pusher robot to shove her outside into the snow.

Corn_Boy - that was lucky, we have christmass in the sumer here, so no snow, you are lucky that you live there, very lucky!

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