I just "DELETED" all my email ha ha!

Recently on The Flash Tub I parodied three of the most popular web cartoon sites. Homestar Runner, PVP, and Penny Arcade. Many have been wondering "does that guy have something against those sites?" No. Not really. If I really hate something I just ignore it. I wouldn't go through the trouble of animating a parody out of hate.

With that said here is a Penny Arcade strip that I modified:

If you can't tell, it's just a normal Penny Arcade strip but I took the characters out and replaced them with their real-life human bodies. I also edited out the text because I didn't want to include that with it. Since I'm no expert writer I turned to FYAD to write FOR me. Here's what they came up with:

Brendle is some kind of tiny green monster!

Cheesegod is trapped in a fan-sub!

No, don't go in there Colorfinger! It's dark!

Depressing Drawers just ate all your food!

Why, it's our very own El Pinto Zack Parsons!

Frogbeard? Frogs don't have beards!

Mechamred had something to say but I'm not sure what it was.


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