Zack: Americans for Energy Prosperity seems to be a legitimate political advocacy group that supports "clean nuclear energy" instead of coal and other fossil fuels.

Steve: If they're legit then they're legit, but we're not going to this place without some firepower. What do we have?

Zack: Kurt is pretty much out of it right now. Maybe in 24 hours he'll be healed enough. Eazy-E brings mythos knowledge and firearms.

Steve: And Left Eye has a flamethrower. And dynamite.

Zack: Also the remaining C-4 you picked up at the Kids' Choice Awards.

Steve: Didn't you say that Eazy-E knows spells too?

Zack: Sure. He knows summon/bind Servitor of the Outer Gods and Unspeakable Promise?

Steve: Good deal. I want to make sure he has all the ritual components he needs to cast them.

Zack: A flute is all you need.

Steve: Alright, I think this is enough. Let's do it.

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