Steve: Kurt and Left Eye pass. Eazy-E fails.

Zack: E loses 5 sanity so he goes immediately and temporarily insane. In this case I am going to say he starts babbling, but instead of just regular babbling he starts singing high-speed reggae.

Steve: Like Snow?

Zack: Yes. All of the lyrics are horrible mythos secrets.

Steve: Like Snow?

Zack: Yes, except instead of singing about Toronto he is singing about the cold plateau of Leng. There is still the part about the detective and the strip search though.

Steve: So is this lady shooting at us or what?

Zack: She says what might be, "Stay back" and then, "You can't stop us!"

Steve: Since Kurt is high and Eazy-E is rapping I am going to have Left Eye try to reason with her. "Look, lady, we want to help you. What happened here?"

Zack: She starts laughing. As she's laughing she puts the pistol to the side of her head and pulls the trigger. Her brains splatter all over the machine.

Steve: Ohhhhhhh! I could have gone all day without seeing that!

Zack: As your ears stop ringing you hear another sound that sends a chill up your back: sirens. Lots of sirens.

Steve: We've got to get back to the van.

Zack: As you climb out of the pit you see that the parking lot is already swarming with cop cars. You see guys in FBI jackets taking up positions and a helicopter thumping in the sky overhead.

Steve: Shit. Let me ask you something.

Zack: Yes?

Steve: In his current condition, can Eazy-E summon a Servitor of the Outer Gods?

Zack: Oh my god, yes. I don't know if the rules say yes, but for purposes of comedy, I say yes.

Steve: Activating flute.

Zack: Next timeeeeeeeee!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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