Steve: Whoa, my boner doesn't know what to do!

Zack: I bet Blibdoolpoolp doesn't practice the best hygiene on her 20' tall lady parts. Zebra mussels and diatoms and shit falling out of there like a bad Christmas stocking.

Steve: Seriously, this is causing me issues.

Zack: It does say one of her special attacks is "Insanity."

Steve: It's like this one time at work there was this Mexican girl who was really hot, but then I found out her name from the schedule and it was the exact same as my mom's name.

Zack: Well, what's your mom's name?

Steve: Ecarnación.

Zack: I guess at least it isn't Blibdoolpoolp.

Steve: How does that help me with my problem?

Zack: There's only one way to help you with that. I tell you what, you get the +2 or better weapon and I'll get the drawn butter.

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