I still didn't want to go meet her so I gave another excuse, and this time claimed that a Troll Druid was trying to kill steal off me and that I was camping for an item which was taken out of the game about one month ago.

But she still believed me.

I let it go and didn't send any more tells (I thought maybe she would get a hint) but no, about 20 minutes later she asks me again if I am on my way to sell her the jewel.

I decided that I would practically spell it out for her (as I was getting tired of this) so I said that I had to cast SoW, SoC, iT, iS, JoK, and E. Now the first two (sow, soc) are actual acronyms for spells, but if you look at the last part it spells out "it is joke". This was my last attempt to get rid of her...

It didn't work.

I had a normal pearl on me (worth about 2 gold, buyable from most towns) and I wondered if I could flog it off to her as the "Rare PoF Hill Giant with wings Jewel" so I decided to find her.

On with the trade (I don't believe this is happening). She conned yellow to me, meaning she was at least level 23 or 24.

She even kneels before me and thanks me for making the trade with her. This was not intended to scam her out of 5 pp, but rather see how far I could go with this bogus crap I was spewing out. In retrospect, I think I felt sorry for her for a second... then I remembered she was an idiot. Maybe it has something to do with having your friends powerlevel you through the entire game.

– Ivan

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