In this competition, users were given three images. They must combine these three images to form the funniest, most realistic image. They may add additional images if they desire. Here are the base tools:

FIRST PLACE: mammajamma

As you'll notice, there was only one winner in this category. Why wasn't there a second or third place? Well the Photoshops were so fucking terrible that we couldn't honestly choose one even halfway decent without embarrassing the entire human race. Seriously, every other entry in this section was crap. We intended for it to be difficult, but we expected at least a few people to be able to pull it off. Either we were wrong or these people didn't enter the contest, because all we got was a ton of shit.


First Place Winner: TheOxygen
He wins the jackpot of $130, one SA t-shirt, one SA polo shirt, a SA poster, and a Jeff K. mousepad.

Second Place Winner: SirRobin
He wins $60, one SA shirt, and one SA poster.

Third Place Winner: Avatar
He wins $30 and one SA shirt.

Well, that's the end of this month's SAGPO competition. Will we have another? Probably not, because most all of the entries for this one sucked ass and were generally shitty as all hell. Regardless, it was an interesting experiment, albeit a massively depressing one.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

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