The Crackhead Clubhouse. They do drugs so you don't have to. Not that you should, because it is illegal, and the stuff here is only for informational purposes and blah blah blah. BRB Buddy probably does drugs, but he also does Forum Fridays:

Flash games for stoners - A list of addicting and fun flash games for playing whilst stoned, or playing sober to induce memories of being stoned.

Bonnaroo 2007 lineup (oh shit...look who's going to be there!) - Bonnaroo lineup posted, and this thread starts plans of which TCCers are going to Bonnaroo.

Philly Rolls up the Blunt - Yet another thread about our shitty drug reform situation here in Philly, this time John Street decided to ban the sale of Phillies Blunts. PHILLIES blunts.

A better, stealthier way of public smoking - Very stealthy ways of smoking in public, contributed by the secret agent TCC goons!

Help me find a place to smoke, TCC! - More places to smoke either in public or in private, and TCCers sharing stories of smoking in college dorms.

Barry Cooper gives some bad advice in his "Never Get Busted Again" video - Many myths that Barry Cooper attributed to fact on how to hide your stash are debunked!

California: bill introduced that would make salvia schedule I! - Is our favorite legal dissociative hallucinogen about to become illegal in the state of eternal partying? Let's hope not!

Lowryder Automatic - a weed that grows like a weed? Any more out there? - This thread introduces a new strain of marijuana plant that grows very small, is odorless and can grow in almost any condition.

Head shops in Japan? - Some good head shops in the country of Japan, as well as some insight on Japanese drug laws!

Easy guide to using millet - A relatively simple way to grow psilocybe cubensis from substrate and spores.

The Firing Range. Guns! Who doesn't like guns? I mean, besides victims of gun violence. King Hotpants shoots down this forum.

Stiletto Null, a well-liked and respected forum member, commits suicide - Thread by Stefan Brodan. Outpouring of grief by the forum, thoughts on suicide itself, places to get help.

Gun pictures megathread - Thread by highmeh. Always popular in TFR, this is a collection of pictures of shiny things that go bang.

FN SCAR discussion - Thread by El Jorge. Discussion on the new FN SCAR rifle series, which will reach civilian distribution just before hell freezes.

TFR poster glomp thread - Thread by HPL. One of the rare TFR feel-good threads, also a direct reaction to the death of Stiletto Null.

IT BEGINS - Thread by radioactivelego. A new assault weapons ban was introduced into the House of Representatives; TFR posters discuss the possibility of losing all their toys.

6.8SPC discontinued - Thread by threeseven. 6.8SPC, seen as a possible replacement for standard military 5.56, goes out of production due to lack of interest.

New TFR banner ads - Thread by dw33b. Forums user dw33b offers to buy new (self-deprecating, mostly) banner ads for TFR. Image contributions follow.

TFR goonmeet in Las Vegas - Thread by KingHotpants. TFR posters from around the country plan a gathering for blowing things up in spectacular fashion.

AK pictures and discussion - Thread by Muldune. Photos and questions about the ubiquitous communist-bloc weapon.

The CRKT M21 - Thread by Gtab. Excellent thread regarding the strength of this particular knife. Video of this knife chopping through a 2x4. Disassembly and cleaning instructions.

Pet Island. Do you like dogs or cats? Sure, we all do. Light_urple brings us stories from the land of the pet. The island of the alive.

oh jeebus I'm sooooooooo pregnant! - Snot takes in a rescue Beagle full of puppies. Fern, the Beagle mom, gives birth to 7 puppies in Snot's pantry. The puppies are HUGE and there are lots of pictures! PUPPIES!

Snake Photo Whoring and General Discussion - PI goons show off their snakes and swap snake information. It's a herp dream!

Let me draw your cats! - PI regular, Two, shares her artistic talents. She requests photos of cats to practice her skills and posts finished sketches in her sweet, cartoony style. Two is also the owner of Alexi and Makia, two PI kitty celebrities.

I need serious advice about this dog - In this heartbreaking thread, Landogarner tells us about a German Shepherd that has obviously been treated badly. Can this dog ever be normal? It's going to take time a patience. Of course a little advice from Salival, the Pet Island Canine Guru, can't hurt.

Is theis goldfish suffering? Should we euthanize? - Twisted Echidna has a goldfish with lots of problems and asks for advice: euthanasia or treatment? The thread takes a gory turn when goons start arguing over what is "humane" when it comes to killing fish.

Orange and Bindi's Fight against Pet Store Puppies! - Maybe you can't stop puppy mills, but you can help educate the public. Orange and Bindi visit a local pet store, take pictures, and then give anti-puppy mill pamphlets to local businesses. PI Vigilantes!

How is the smell? How clean can they be? - Zapf is considering rats, but has to get his wife to approve the idea. She can't stand dirty pets and they don't want to spend a ton of money on a larger pet. Are rats right for them?

Dr Seuss in a Pet Caboose - Pet Island was starting to look more like Pet Cemetary. To cheer everyone up, Alterian created this light-hearted thread that would make Theodor Geisel smile (or spin violently in his grave).

Westminster Anticipation Thread - PI follows the Westminster Dog Show. The favorites are introduced and the cheering begins! After the show, PI goons discuss the politics of dog shows.

I'm stupid and my cat is a Scientologist aka kiten coming from butt help - A PI newbie asks for help with a cat giving birth without lurking first. PI returns to its SA roots and turns the thread into a hilarious dumping ground for PI troll stereotypes.

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