Sports Argument Stadium. If you can't play the game, complain about it! SaxMaverick takes us into the exciting world of armchair everythings.

Athletes that you'd STRANGLE for hurting your team - Lots of goon sports rage to gain insight on irrational hate in sports.

Grown man tosses 11-year-old boy at a wrestling meet - Self explanatory, as its a news story right now. Has immediately turned into "Macho Man Randy Savage" discussion.

Seattle Mariners Goon Meet III - Seats and Games - A thread started by user Georgia Leach/DKCecil about getting together for Mariners games. A frontpage post would drum up a lot of interest from casual sports fans on the site.

AFL Starts March 1st. Yes, I am that desperate for football - Exactly what the title implies. All the football starved goons in SAS are using AFL as a pathetic excuse to hold on to a sport thats over. Myself included.

An imperial fuckton of playbooks - One of the oddly useful threads in SAS/HT:FF, you can download a bunch of authentic teams (pro and college) football playbooks.

A Year in Screencaps - Funny screencaps are the fuel that keeps SAS running. Check some out.

Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse. Not all anime is about tentacles and rape. Some of it is about pedophilia too! Of course I'm joking. Nobody has made such a joke before! Ever! Fishmech brings us the lowdown on this so-called "animation."

Haruhi Suzumiya Thread 9: We Used a Whole Page Coming Up With This Topic - 9th in the series of threads for the wildly popular anime, novel, and manga series focussed on Haruhi Suzumiya. It's spawned nearly 129 different avatar purchases, so you know it's good.

Getsumen Toheiki Mina: the fake anime is now real - Discussion of a new anime based on fictional one in Densha Otoko (A Japanese show about a nerd who loves to use Internet message boards who falls in love with a girl he saves on a train). Over the top with bunny and vegetable related bits com bined with fighting space aliens.

Desu Ex: The Moe Megathread - Moe is one of the most debated terms in anime fandom, learn about its various meanings here. Pages 4 and 5 also feature military styled art, such as military vehicles drawn as anime girls.

> :O - Anime and manga images that look like various emoticons, and more!

Manga about My Balls - A new monthly manga being translated by zindryr, it focuses on a man who has the Queen of Terror sealed into his testicles on July 1st, and must not ejaculate until August in order to prevent the destruction of the world. Each monthly issue is another day in July where he must resist the demon Elyse's attempts to make him blow his load.

General Anime Question/Answer Thread - The place to go to learn about anime in general.

Naruto Anime Discussion V4: Fillers slated to end in 2014 - Where to discuss everyone's favorite anime about a ninja who wears orange and has a evil spirit sealed inside him.

Naruto Manga Discussion Thread 6 - Where to discuss everyone's favorite manga about a ninja who wears orange and has a evil spirit sealed inside him, since you'd rather not watch the anime.

Bleach Manga Thread 6: The Ulquiorra & Orihime Love Story - A 15 year old who sees ghosts accidentally gains most of the powers of a death god, together they travel to hunt out evil spirits and give wayward souls "burials". - English! - Moot made 4chan and this thread records its history. This is the only place on SA where discussion of 4chan is acceptable and is where various info about 4chan may be found.

Automotive Insanity. They're crazy about automobiles just like I'm crazy about Corbin Bernsen. TheAlphabetSez exports some insanity to us all.

Pictures of Industry Professionals - Legitmate shows us the best of the best when it comes to thinking, "on your feet."

Nissan GTR Spy Pic - Sockington checks in with the lastest update on a highly anticipated automobile.

I went from 41mpg to almost 50mpg (highway) in my 2000 Echo - Mobile_CE0 shows us the importance of a new battery

Turbo EFI Coilpack Distributorless... 1974 VW Beetle Project - Bugzzrad releases his secret plans to turn a rust bucket into something semi-respectible. After which he will paint shitty stripes on and try to sell you for 15x what he paid.

Dodge is getting into the roadster battle: Meet the Dodge Demon S2000 - Incoherent shows us Dodge's most recent attempt to display the traits of a respectible auto manufacturer.

What is best all-around, yet lightweight floor jack? - Mykel discusses our most important tool, the floor jack.

I have a new favorite top gear challenge - Dukeofurl reminds us how important it is to breed with humans, not family members and not vegetables.

Seafoam - Good or Bad - Shoncook brings up AI's most beloved liquid, Seafoam. Oxbrain talks about his festiva.

Is an open-faced helmet safe enough? - Vettenyy proves to everyone that having a full face helmet will save your balls.

Your coolant is robbing your car of HP! - Vettenyy brings up classical eBay humor. Your coolant actually does you more harm than good.

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