Batman's Secret Shame - Comic books are about men running around in spandex. So is my autobiography. Muscles Like This likes forums like this.

Funny Panel Thread: Reed Richards is a colossal dick - The latest incarnation of the much loved Funny Panel thread. Recent contributions include old Hostess snack ads and the fact that Dr Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four doesn't understand what the term "single celled organism" means.

Webcomics Megathread 10: Proposing to OUR GIRLFRIEDS on the internet. - Hey, it turns out that pretty much every good webcomic ever is goon made! Recently Schmorky has posted a comic that he is sending to Hudsonsoft that involves Bomberman being insulted by various videogame characters.

Let's make comic valentines! - Just in time for Valentines Day to be over and done with and loaded with in jokes!

Warren Ellis' Myspace - This is the thread that proves just because you are a famous comic book writer it doesn't mean you won't type like an idiot on Myspace.

BSS Action Figure Megathread V - Deluxe Box Set: 1 of 500 Edition - There is much discussion about why exactly DC decided that they needed to release Anime-style figures based and everyone is ashamed at being aroused by the new Emma Frost statue.

Bought & Thought 2/14/2007 - What came out in comics this week and BSSes opinion on them. An interesting discussion is had about whether Batman 663 needed to be done in prose or if the same point could have been made using a more standard comic style.

Oversized Hardcover Appreciation Thread Volume 4 - We waste most of our paychecks on large high quality comic collections and so should you!

Ghost Rider Skips Press Screenings - Note: Ghost Rider does not skip press screenings, probably won't be very good anyway.

BSS Derailed Thread - Its BSS: the chatroom; the forum. Recently we be rapping and discussing the validity of comics as popular culture. Awwww yeah.

SA-Mart. For the best deals on, er, things, some smart. Shop SA-Mart. Shop with bEatmstrJ. Maybe he will buy you some vowels and capital letters.

Nintendo Wii's for sale (with games and/or extra controllers too!) - Still looking for a Nintendo Wii? Hit up this thread to find your soul mate.

NEW Nintendo DS Flashcarts -- Now featuring the R4DS! - Hot off the chinese press! Nintendo DS flash carts for all your homebrew needs.

Buy my DVD's so I can buy beer - A decent selection at a decent price. And for a good cause. While supplies last!

Sexxxy up your Pocket with a new Wallet - Handmade wallets by forum goon Kruxy. Made with real love. And vinyl.

APC New Standard Jeans - If you're not getting laid its cause you dont have expensive jeans. Let lorth help you out.

6-Book Hardcover Hemingway Set - Impress all the ladies with your Hemingway book smarts. Or use them as monitor stands.

30% off - Vintage posters (WW2, art, pulp, pinup, sci-fi) - 30% off your favorite vintage art. Now you can start faigning interest in museums.

Best :: X-Files Seasons 1-9 for $19.99 Each - Who needs the outdoors when you can stay home and watch 9 seasons of the X-Files?

That's all for this week! Tune into the SA Forums for further developments!

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