Pet Island. Do you like dogs or cats? Sure, we all do. Light_urple brings us stories from the land of the pet. The island of the alive.

Ferrets are awesome and so is this thread! - Here's a new ferret megathread started by fennec fox. If you like weasels, this thread is for you!

What animals should be sold in pet stores? (If any?) - Bloodmane would like to know what we think about animals sold in pet stores. Get ready for a debate about puppy/kitten/parrot mills, impulse buyers, and stupid employees.

The Animal Control Horror Story Thread - Mother Rucker has finally decided to share some of the disgusting stories that come with years of service as an animal control officer. Things get even better when GobbleDeGook (our other resident AC officer) starts contributing!

Overweight Kitties - Cymoril has created a thread that is half advice and half fat cat pictures. BIG FAT CATS!

BYOB is a forum shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It's like finding a booger on your car's dashboard, and having absolutely no idea how it got there. Planimal brings us this week's collection of boogers:

itt it’s the final episode of byob- BYOB remembers BYOB, and we reminisce about all the good times we’ve had; the laughter, the tears, the smiles and frowns, the ups, the downs, and as we look back upon all we’ve been through together, we ask ourselves…~**FARTZ**~

i just noticed something- DENTAL PLAN. LISA NEEDS BRACES.

itt we come up with politically incorrect board games- Personally, a quick game of Chutes and Ladder Theory sounds a whole hell of a lot better than hours of Naht-Zee, but then I’m an impatient person.

youtube documentary about the worst band in America: COMPLETE- In 1996, a Texan band called COMPLETE played a live show on a public access channel that was videotaped and uploaded onto youtube, dissected like an episode of Behind the Music. I cannot describe in words what you are about to see. You will go through phases of disbelief, anger, and pity, but more importantly, you will be laughing your ass off every time you hear these goofballs talk/play/sing. I give you, COMPLETE: the Worst Band in America.

i think i freaked out the last chick i hooked up with- “it was so clean. i love it when a girl is clean down there. and she had a nice little tuft of hair too. i could stick my tongue in as far as possible and still didn't taste any shit. she had a perfect butthole for munchin' on”.

let's make this is the worst thread ever posted on the internet- Think of this as every thread you have ever hated combined into one delightful megathread. CAUTION: pictures of kittens, z0r, internet lingo, terrible Chuck Norris jokes, puns and essentially HATE PERSONIFIED resides in this thread.

bump this thread every day there's still no reason to own a PS3- On January 8th, Lowtax posted a thread in BYOB asking posters to bump a thread every time they thought of a reason not to buy a Playstation 3. That thread has remained on the front page every single day since then and now, with the new ability to have megathreads, we’re on page two hundred and sixty three.

i think icequeen and toby post too much in byob- What started as a normal thread quickly turned into a Mod Megathread, where posters ask various forum moderators questions and talk with them about life in general.

SamuraiPaul III: Graphite Boogaloo- Forums poster SamuraiPaul is an amazing cartoonist and this is his third thread drawing stupid shitty BYOB requests. Normally, I wouldn’t include a drawing request thread, but this guy is incredibly talented at what he does.

waging WAR against glomp and glompkind! (for a better BYOB)- The glomp emoticon is both the most beloved and most hated emoticon among BYOB users. IveMadeSnacks showcases her own personal war against glomp, backed equally by supporters and protestors.

Debate and Discussion. People love to argue on the Internet, and people also love to hate politics. So what do you get when you combine the two? I don't know, but it involves a lot of libertarians. Yiggy serves us a steaming plate of:

Florida cock-blocks Super Tuesday - moves primary to Jan 29th - Primaries lose yet another pound of gravitas and respectability as Florida tries to jockey into the front of the race.

Democrats adding pork to Iraq bill to secure votes - Even the former tough talkers cannot seem to avoid the siren song of pork. Some say in this case that the ends justify the means, but do they ever?

Six Men and Two Women Out: A US Attorneys Megathread - Get the latest, low-down dirt on the US Attorney General Scandal. Rocking a Capital Hill near you!

Mars or bust! The colonization of Mars. - Should we be working towards an eventual colonization of Mars? Space fetishists clamor "Of course!" while pragmatists wonder "Whats the point?"

House Hearing on Censorship of Global Warming Papers - Democratic subpoena power and hearings continues again this week with the debate on Anthropomorphogenic Global Warming.

Cost of hosting the Olympics in 2012 rises 287% (UK) - The UK is going to be dropping a whole lotta Adam Smiths in preparation for the 2012 Olympics. Does the event justify this cost?

Stupid-candidate stories that don't deserve their own threads - Candidates are plenty stupid, and this thread is a clearinghouse for all the stupid news they create.

Better Know Your '08 Presidential Candidates, pt4 - Rudy Giuliani - Week four of the get to know your candidates thread series.
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