Hey you there, at work! Stop doing that right now and read some of the best threads from this last week on the Something Awful forums!

General Bullshit (as presented by my main man SpecialOlympian) is our delightfully general forum with as many interesting facets as wadded-up chunks of Chinese newspapers.

Family Guy 40,000: In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, OH GOD WHY (56k) - Psylocibe just happened to find this comic while visiting a forum he frequents which has nothing to do with Warhammer 40k. And as crappy as this comic is, it follows the formula really well.

Make Baby Pictures Grittier - Zenmaster hates children, and wants you to see them as the filthy beasts they are. It's like your childhood photo album combined with every cutscene in Max Payne. Check out page 3 for Humper-Monkey's take on the pulp fiction detecteve genre.

Let's make transformers - With all the transformer threads we've been getting it's high time they got photoshopped. I would pay any amount of money to own the Batmobilotron.

PRESS THE PANIC BUTTON!!! - Faith Healer needs your help! The title link will take you to a copy of the original post. Eggbert Shoots Fire noted that Happent.net seemed to be open, or not. The OP always puts the cart before the horse and the punchline before the joke. Don't think editing your OP will stop me from embarassing you!

If it looks like MySpace, and works like MySpace... - Yoshifan823 didn't realize he'd be the first one to take advantage of megathread upgrade. The Goons spend 120+ pages tricking morons into putting shoes on their head FOR FREEDOM. Special thanks to the_coolness, who followed this thread as it happened and shared his insights.

2-4 The goons mess with 16 year old Canadian girl RKHolden. That's the age of consent in Canada, so it's cool. Bowled on bottom of page 9
10-15 Vodkahigh yields to the unrelenting demands of the goonrush. Her body is our canvas.
20-22 Pretty girls put stupid things on their heads, more shots of Vodka. On 22 JesusDoesVegas apologizes for posting the pictures, but he's not taking them down. I reccomend nipple reduction surgery.
28-30 Holy crap, look at all the stuff that asian girl put on her head!
32 Score, tardlover! More boobies, plus a girl with a sword.
39-40 Live animals replace shoes. And look, the hambeast from the OP is sleeping!
43-44 The corruption of insanexxcrazy
44 Instead of the shoe going on the head, something goes in the shoe. Thanks Athanatos for this NWS pic. FateoMcSkippy gets the cat on her head, page 65
53 same shows us + shoe on head
56-58 Pinkie422 is too wussy to put a shoe on her head, but she does have a cat.
60-61 Goonrush killed the radio star, goonrush killed the radio star.
67 Baboop does a balancing act, Pinkie422 gets crazy.
83 Ic3sh4d0w threatens suicide
88-90 Pinknbullet and Stephanie Masochist will do anything a machine tells them, won't they?
93 More shoecock from same
98 At this point, the goons realized the awesome potential of the shoecock and used it for their own wicked ends. Check out grandpa's reaction at the top of 99.
106 insanexxcrazy proves her gooniness and receives an account for it.
112-123 Logs and a lot of pictures.

Debate and Discussion (as presented by the straight-up hustler Yiggy) is where the learned folk of the forums gather to debate each other, analyze politics, discuss science and religion, and call each other names.

Ultimate Scandal Megathread - There is a whole lot of scandal going on within the Bush administration. Make sure you're informed and in the loop.

German Chancellor Merkel calls for a common European Army - Europeans unite to form super military! Kind of like voltron, but with more accents.

Don't Legalize Drugs (longish). - Article reasoning that drugs shouldn't be legalized sparks discussion over truths, misconceptions and hysterias.

What do you guys think of Compulsory Voting? - Should people be forced to participate in their governments and vote, what are the citizens responsibilities in the social contract?

New York City paying the poor to do the right thing - Should the government spend tax dollars incentivizing responsibility? What are the governments responsibilities in the social contract?

Cinema Discusso seems to be missing a whole lot of letters out of the word "Discussion", but it's not my job to complain! Thankfully, Lutherous is here to break the latest down for us without getting hung up on little things like the forum's name.

Coppola to remake The Birth of a Nation - Birth of a Nation was and still is one of the greatest movies ever made. Honored by critics and sitting comfortably in the AFI top 100 American Films. But can Coppola bring it back to life?

What awesome French movies am I missing out on? - France is the reason for movies today and without French New Wave everything on screen would be vastly different. But what do you know about French movies?

Slasher Recommendations - Slasher movies number far more then Jason, Michael and Freddy and far beyond the horrible cliches' and they are all here.

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